About Orchard Ridge Senior Living

"A faith-based, loving home that honors older adults."

Orchard Ridge Senior Living is a place you can call home. We want you to enjoy a greater quality of life. That is why we provide multiple levels of care based on an individual's specific needs.

Choose one of our three environments: Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care. In each one, you will find dedicated staff eager to help you preserve your independence, but ready to offer their assistance as needed. The amenities available with each level of care vary, so please feel free to explore our website to learn more or to call us for a tour.

Uniting a Community Since 1921

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Orchard Ridge was established over 100 years ago, and community is at the core of who we are.

Since the beginning, we have been a non-profit organization. We are not a big company or part of a franchise. Instead, our policies are governed by a board of directors comprised of locals who care about those we serve. This allows us to reinvest our resources in resident services, providing a home that is exceptional in care, beautiful in its environment, and offered to all.

We have never asked a senior to leave due to lack of finances. When their life savings are exhausted, our residents can rest assured that we will still take care of all their needs. This promise is made possible because of the generous support of member churches, local businesses, individual donors and volunteers.

This year, we would like to thank the following groups for their passionate support of Orchard Ridge and the seniors we serve.



“My heartfelt thanks (along with those from our family) for your excellent care of my husband while he lived at Orchard Ridge for the past 17 months. The Staff in the Memory Care Unit became our family, and we all loved them, especially my husband. They were his ‘kids.’ God’s special blessing on you as you continue in what we consider your Ministry, in caring for all the others who are there, or will be in the future! Thanks again and again!”

“No words can express our appreciation and gratitude to the staff at Orchard Ridge for the care and personal concern given to our mother. Thank you so much for the compassion shown to her and the entire family during her final days. We hold everyone in high regard at Orchard Ridge. Thank you so very much.”

There are no words to convey our deep gratitude for the loving kindness you all showed to my mom. In the last, most difficult 3 years of her life, she found a loving home with all of you as her family. She was loved and gently cared for, and I know she was at peace. 

“Loving-Kindness is the term I think of when I recall the care my grandmother received at Orchard Ridge. This attribute of excellent care can be easily lost amidst the challenges of elder care in these times. Far from being lost, it defines the care given on a daily basis in Memory Care.”

There are so many examples of your compassion, thoroughness, joyfulness, diligence, availability, dependability, and patience that we witnessed while we were there. Our days are brighter for having been at Orchard Ridge!

“We can’t express in words how appreciative we are for the care you gave to our mother. You all say “that’s what you are there for” but the way you do it shows your heart and soul is in the care. It’s not just a “Job.” We are so blessed to have our mom at Orchard Ridge and think of all of you as our extended family.”

“Thank you for providing my mom a safe, warm, loving and kind atmosphere to call “Home.” We appreciate each of you very much!!”

“I am a Nurse Practitioner and have worked in assisted living in northern California doing medication management. I know what an excellent facility is like. We have been so pleased with the attention given to my grandmother. To know that she is safe, and cared for with expertise, patience and love is priceless. "