We have amazing volunteers and always love to welcome new ones!

Here are some things we can always use volunteers for, and if you have an idea for something new, let us know:

ONE-ON-ONE VISITATIONS: Spending time listening, chatting, reading, reminiscing, and outings with one resident at a time.

GROUP ACTIVITIES: Bingo, painting nails, card playing, Wii bowling, dancing, coffee socials, holiday parties, and birthday parties.

EXERCISE LEADER: Sit and be fit, stretch n’ move, walking club.

GARDENING: Watering plants, pruning, caring for our gardens, spring planting, growing plants and flowers, fall planting.

MUSICAL/DRAMATICS: Skits, musical entertainment, rhythm band, singing, dancing.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Holly Johnson:

Phone: 208-664-8119 

Email: [email protected]